Junior ISAs

The Basics

The Basics

A Junior ISA (JISA) is a tax-free childrens’ savings account. The account offers parents, relatives and guardians a tax-free way to save for their children’s future. The account is held in the child’s name but is opened and managed by the parent, relative or guardian. Whilst a JISA can be transferred between providers in the same way as an ISA, it is important to note one key difference that, once invested, no funds whatsoever can be withdrawn from the JISA until the child assumes control, once they have turned 18.

The Junior ISA contribution limit this tax year, 2019/2020, is £4,368 or £364 per month.

If your child currently has a Child Trust Fund (CTF), they are not eligible to also open a JISA. However, anyone with a CTF account can now transfer it to a JISA.

It is worth noting that tax rules can change, and the value of any benefits depends on your personal circumstances.

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