COVID-19: Q2 Update

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Dear Investors,

Covid-19 has led us through a succession of tumultuous months in the markets. Shares closed last year with a sharp, even frenzied, advance in the fourth quarter. That celebration came to an abrupt end once the virus struck. The impact on the country has been damaging and frightening but ultimately is becoming familiar and tedious. This has been reflected in the stockmarket which enjoyed an explosive rally from the lows in March before slowing to a more measured pace from mid-June. We have a contest between central banks and governments expanding the money supply and investors’ concern about weak profits. Historically money supply has won this battle.

A vaccine may arrive to solve the problem but even without this we are seeing small but steady improvements in handling of the disease. The ratio of deaths to recorded infections is improving. Partly this just reflects higher detection levels but there is also an encouraging rise in the survival rates of patients once in hospital. The regular outbreaks of the virus in meat processing plants, where temperatures are kept in the low single degrees Celsius, is a warning that winter risks a new surge. But overall we see Covid-19 becoming something people learn to live with rather than an economy-crippling plague. Meantime, as mentioned above, monetary and fiscal support is at unprecedented levels. Therefore we believe that investors should be looking to take advantage of dislocation in markets.

Best Wishes,

Slater Investments Limited

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