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Share Options: Just a bit of fun or spawn of the devil?

At Slater Towers we receive polite letters from companies explaining why they think it right and proper to increase the size of awards to their directors. Nil cost shares worth 1.25x base salary? Come, come, surely 1.5x is only fair? One such came through a couple of days ago. It was from a company which

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[Commentary] Slater Income Fund – Interim Report for the six month period ended 31st October 2020

For a PDF of the Full Report, please click here. Overview and Outlook The period covered by this report immediately followed the one third collapse in the market seen by mid-March 2020 and the partial rebound achieved by the end of April 2020. The recovery ran out of steam in early June 2020 and the

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Good Money Guide: Mark Slater, Chairman of Slater Investments on the life and times of being a fund manager

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Investing in The Age of Zoom

At Slater Investments most of us on the Investment Committee have been waiting in our burrows while the pandemic does its worst. Commuting consists of shuffling from the bedroom to the home office each morning. Then follow a succession of video calls with companies. My personal record is five in one day –  which is

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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing – is it good for you?

  Source: Refinitiv 7.10.2020   This chart takes its data from Refinitiv, which has set itself up as a major supplier of ratings for ESG. Having a good score would seem to be an attractive feature of an investment. But hang on, the figures from Refinitiv say otherwise. In fact you can see that the

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Why PEG and why are we watching her?

Welcome to PEGwatch, the new Slater Investments blog. Why PEG and why are we watching her? She is the PE/Growth ratio and it plays a central role when we sift through potential investments. High growth companies can look very impressive but with their high growth often goes a high PE multiple.  Profits growth of 30%

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[LISTEN] MoneyWeek podcast with Mark Slater: Why UK stocks are so unpopular right now

Merryn talks to Mark Slater of the Slater Growth fund about why investors have abandoned the UK – and why they are wrong to have done so. Plus, he picks two of his favourite British stocks.     

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[Commentary] Slater Growth Fund – Interim Report for the six months to 30th June 2020

For a PDF of the Full Report, please click here. Performance Six months 1 year 3 years 5 years Since launch* Slater Growth Fund P unit class -11.55% +3.48% +16.76% +45.10% +472.32% Investment Association (IA) OE UK All Companies -17.74% -11.02% -4.91% +11.95% +135.38% *A unit class launched 30 March 2005 Overview The six months

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