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By investing directly with Slater Investments, you save on dealing charges, platform fees, holding fees and ISA wrapper fees!

Environmental Social Governance

We can't afford not to care. Click through to our ESG investing page to find out more.

Obeying these rules generates outsized investment returns

Fight or flight, fear or excitement? Investment management is an exercise in navigating between these two impulses. We need coherent systems to protect us from the impulses of fear and greed, panic and exuberance.

We won’t hide any charges from you

We aim to dispel the complicated "cloak and dagger" reputation of the investment industry. We will always fully explain any charge.

Institutional and Private Client Contacts

Institutional Clients: Jeremy Simmons - +44 (0) 207 220 9368
Private Clients: Lisa Letham - +44 (0) 207 220 9365

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Our Ability is Your Stability

Since 1994, Slater Investments has focused on putting our clients first, and providing them with the best possible products. The company, founded by Mark Slater and Ralph Baber, focuses on investing in UK equities in the form of pooled funds and segregated portfolios. We strongly believe that everyone should have both the ability to invest in their future and, most importantly, understand what is happening to their money.

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Our Funds


The Slater Recovery Fund aims to provide capital growth by investing mainly in UK shares. It is also intended, where appropriate, to take advantage of underwritings and placings. The fund may also invest in, but is not limited to, shares in overseas companies and cash.
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The investment objective of the Slater Growth Fund is to seek long term capital growth, principally through investment in UK Companies. The Fund will focus in particular on shares which the Manager believes are currently under-valued and that have the potential of a significant re-rating.
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The investment objective of the Slater Income Fund is to produce an attractive and increasing level of income in addition to seeking long term capital growth. The Fund will invest in shares of high yielding companies with growing profits and strong cash flows across the market capitalisation spectrum.
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Segregated Services

Pension Funds
We understand the enormous range of responsibilities that a Trustee shoulders, so we work tirelessly to make your Investments the one aspect you don’t have to worry about.
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Segregated Mandates
We offer a number of personalised investment management solutions for investors who wish to have their own personal account and ensure these are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.
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We aim to find the perfect balance between risk and reward so your Charity can benefit from capital growth and the income generated by your investments on a long-term basis, meaning you can focus on what really matters.
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