Valuation Date - Monday 25th of June 2018
Fund Prices - GBP

Slater Recovery Fund-Class A-Accumulation-ISIN GB0031554248-Sedol 3155424

Cancellation Price 240.58p

Bid Price (Sell) 250.87p

Creation Price 252.89p

Offer Price (Buy) 266.17p


Slater Recovery Fund-Class B-Accumulation-ISIN GB00B90G1D01-Sedol B90G1D0

Cancellation Price 247.13p

Bid Price (Sell) 255.79

Creation Price 256.47p

Offer Price (Buy) 259.03p


Slater Recovery Fund-Class P-Accumulation-ISIN GB00B90KTC71-Sedol B90KTC7

Cancellation Price 254.35p

Bid Price (Sell) 257.32p

Creation Price 258.00p

Offer Price (Buy) 260.58p


Slater Growth Fund-Class A-Accumulation-ISIN GB00B0706C66-Sedol B0706C6

Cancellation Price 526.63p

Bid Price (Sell) 539.37p

Creation Price 543.73p

Offer Price (Buy) 572.28p


Slater Growth Fund-Class B-Accumulation-ISIN GB00B8YPGL91-Sedol B8YPGL9

Cancellation Price 545.60p

Bid Price (Sell) 555.68p

Creation Price 557.14p

Offer Price (Buy) 562.71p


Slater Growth Fund-Class P-Accumulation-ISIN GB00B7T0G907-Sedol B7T0G90

Cancellation Price 556.04p

Bid Price (Sell) 562.40p

Creation Price 563.88p

Offer Price (Buy) 569.52p


Slater Income Fund-Class A-Income-ISIN GB00B6YSXJ10-Sedol B6YSXJ1

Single Price 162.20p


Slater Income Fund-Class A-Accumulation-ISIN GB00BYV2HN48-Sedol BYV2HN4

Single Price 182.44p


Slater Income Fund-Class B-Income-ISIN GB00B4VMRC32-Sedol B4VMRC3

Single Price 167.63p


Slater Income Fund-Class B-Accumulation-ISIN GB00BYV2HP61-Sedol BYV2HP6

Single Price 188.44p


Slater Income Fund-Class P-Income-ISIN GB00B905XJ71-Sedol B905XJ7

Single Price 169.00p


Slater Income Fund-Class P-Accumulation-ISIN GB00BYV2HQ78-Sedol BYV2HQ7

Single Price 189.97p


Valuation Date: Wednesday 20th of June 2018 (Priced Weekly)

Slater Artorius Fund-ISIN GB00B5MZP135-Sedol B5MZP13

Single Price 210.30p


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T: 020 7220 9365