Slater Recovery

Fund Codes

Class A Class B
  • SEDOL: 3155424
  • ISIN: GB0031554248
  • SEDOL: B90G1D0
  • ISIN: GB00B90G1D01

Investment Objective

The objective of the Slater Recovery Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth. The Fund has a core of growth that is supplemented by other strategies.

Fund Facts

  • Launched in March 2003
  • Concentrated portfolio of 30-60 stocks
  • Invested primarily in UK equities, although overseas equities may be held
  • Can be held in ISAs, JISAs and SIPPs
  • Annual management charge: 1.50% (class A), 1.00% (class B)
  • Ongoing charges: 1.57% (class A), 1.07% (class B)

Investment Style

The Fund invests in companies that have a low P/E ratio in relation to their earnings growth, strong cash flow and a strong financial position. These companies form the core of the Fund. In addition, we also use a number of secondary recovery investment methodologies including:

  • Recovery situations
  • Shares trading at a discount to asset value
  • Companies with large amounts of cash on the balance sheet which also own promising businesses
  • Companies offering attractive dividend yields and trading on low PE ratios

Get in touch

Lisa Letham is responsible for financial adviser relationships and can be contacted on 020 7220 9365.