Slater Income

Fund Codes

Class A Class B
  • ISIN: GB00B6YSXJ10
  • ISIN: GB00B4VMRC32

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Slater Income Fund is to produce an attractive and increasing level of income in addition to seeking long term capital growth. The Fund will invest in shares of high yielding companies with growing profits and strong cash flows across the market capitalisation spectrum.

Fund Facts

  • Concentrated portfolio of 50-70 stocks
  • Distributes income quarterly
  • The Fund is sector agnostic
  • Invests across the market capitalisation spectrum
  • Invested primarily in UK equities, although overseas equities may be held
  • Available in ISAs, JISAs and SIPPs
  • Annual management charge: 1.50% (class A), 1.00% (class B)
  • Ongoing charges: 1.55% (class A), 1.05% (class B)

Investment Team


Left to right: Barrie Newton, Ralph Baber, Mark Slater, Nigel Milton

Investment Style

We screen the entire UK equity market looking for the following characteristics in an investment:

  • Above-average yield
  • Reliable and growing dividend stream
  • Earnings growth prospects
  • Cash flow
  • Business quality
  • Strong balance sheet

Get in touch

Lisa Letham is responsible for Financial Adviser relationships and can be contacted on 020 7220 9365.